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London Russian Music Academy


Music Scholarships to top Academic Schools

Max Charles (10) - Merchant Taylors' School

Giacomo Filippi (11) - Westminster School, City of London School and University College School

Elia Goldman - Music Exhibition to Wellington College

Elizabeth Kandelaki (16) - University College School, 6th Form

Jemil Khairov (11) - Westminster School

Dominic O'Sullivan (10) - Highgate School and University College School

Prizewinners of the 2nd International young musicians' competiiton in Tymbark, Poland

Bella Sudbin (8), piano - First prize and Gold medal

Anna May Rosiek Nguyen (7), violin - First prize and Gold medal

Anna May Rosiek Nguyen (7), piano- Second prize and Silver medal

Sui (5) , violin - Second prize and Silver medal

Danielle Lee (12) - First Prize in Piano class (11- 14), Watford Festival​

Alexandra Nemodruk (12) and Danielle Lee (12)

First Prize, Piano duet class, Watford Festival

Tiana To (11)

First Prize, Grade 5 and Grade 6 Harp competition

Third prize, under 13 Study competition, North London Festival

Sasha Stevenson (10)

First Prize, Grade 7 Cello class, Redhill and Reigate Music Festival

Arun Padam (13)

Third Prize, Classical period piano class, North London Festival

Arun Padam (13)

First Prize, Piano class 11-15, North London Festival

Anna-May Rosiek Nguyen (7)

Third Prize, Grades 4-5 violin clas, Blackheath Festival

Elara Wragg (9)

Third Prize, repertoire piano class, North London Festival

Elara Wragg (8)

First Prize, Bach piano class, Richmond Festival

Anna-May Rosiek Nguyen (7)

Second Prize, Violin class, North London Festival

North London Festival - Piano class (5 years and under)

Alexander Panchal (8) - First prize

Ly-Anne Rosiek Nguyen and Hengyu Yang - Second prize

Piano class (6 years)

Adriana Hamelton - Third prize

Alexandra Nemodruk (13)

Second Prize, Grade 8 piano class, North London Festival