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London Russian Music Academy

What our staff and students say

"I started learning music at the age five and I can’t imagine life without it. I joined LRMA three years ago at the age of ten because it offered a comprehensive programme of music studies with extensive performing opportunities. Since then I have developed both my violin and piano playing beyond Grade 8 level (I passed both exams with Distinction) and I've performed both as a soloist and as part of chamber groups at many prestigious venues in the UK and abroad. LRMA has also offered me an advanced aural skills course, composition, music history, choir and chamber music. I am very fortunate to hold an LRMA music scholarship, which opened so many doors for me into the wonderful world of music.” A., aged 13

“My daughter joined LRMA in 2012, studying piano and following the full music curriculum. Unfortunately, my husband lost his job in 2017 which meant we were no longer able to pay full fees. We were terribly upset as music and LRMA had become a very important part of S.'s life. We were fortunate that LRMA offered us financial assistance to cover all group lessons for the whole period my husband has been unemployed. This has allowed my daughter to develop her music to a high level - currently preparing for Grade 8 piano exam. I am extremely grateful to LRMA for giving S. the gift of music”. Mother of S.,11

Elena Berezovsky, LRMA Director and piano teacher

“The Bursary Scheme at LRMA is a great support to those children who come from families with limited means but who are either too young or have not yet reached a sufficiently high level to apply for an LRMA scholarship. I have taught many children who benefited from this scheme and went on to receive music scholarships and awards at top academic schools, the scheme allowing them to develop at their own pace and to receive a high-quality music education from an early age.”